Thursday, July 5, 2012


GREAT REVIEW OF IF I WERE A BEE....BY SURREY BEEKEEPER JAMES THE BEE KEEPER As many of you know, despite now being an author myself (From A to Bee) I also like to spread the word about other beekeeping books and hence I do plenty of beekeeping book reviews. However rarely do I get the opportunity to review Children’s beekeeping books and so I always enjoy receiving them in the post. Being a bit of a big child myself I love reading beekeeping books that are aimed at children and Dolores’ book is absolutely on the money. Beekeeping for children needs to be several things in my mind but bright, fun and exciting are up there are primary objectives. If I Were a Bee does this on many levels as you can witness from its front cover. It immediately stands out and wants you to open it up. Before even reading it to them, my two young boys (3 3/4 and 1 1/2) instantly sat down and started turning the pages looking at the bright colours and excellent illustrations that Dolores herself has penned. Having had three children of her own and now five grandchildren, it is of no surprise she knows how to draw and tell a story. There are 28 pages, all wonderfully illustrated and they follow the bee around on it daily duties along the premis “If I were a bee I would ……..” It really is a brilliant beekeeping book for children and will hopefully get a few more little ones interested in our fantastic hobby. You can buy the book from or purchase through Amazon. The price is £7 or €10.

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