Monday, July 9, 2012


I love going around libraries reading my books to children aged between 4 - 8 year old. When I go to the libraries I usually dress up in my beekeepers suit and put on my bee slippers and bring along my little bee hive (without the bees of course) and I have great fun reading my book If I were a bee.... and Jenny the Little Brown the children. They absolutely love to hear the stories and they particularly love to hear all about the bees and to see the inside of a beehive, and to examine the frames. I show them the empty frame and then one with combs in it and finally one full of honey. They are amazed. I usually give them lots of information about the bees. I continue to read getting on to my hen book and we have great fun talking about Jenny the little brown hen and her six little chicks and we end the session with Jenny sitting on her little eggs (chocolate ones of course) and when the children have their little poem told to Jenny she surprises them with a little chocolate egg. We have great fun and everyone enjoys my readings. You can see below some pictures of my readings.:

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