Sunday, September 9, 2012


Earlier in the Spring I planted some sunflower seeds.    I had been reading stories to children in libraries throughout the country telling them all about the wonderful sunflower and asking them to plant some seeds to see who could grow the tallest one.   I decided to plant some seeds myself and kept track of the height of my sunflowers as seen below.    The height of the sunflower in the first picture is 7ft and in the second one 9ft. 

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  1. Sunflowers are such a delight and a joy to behold. The yellows are so vibrant and strong, and the flowers themselves are so hardy. I think that's a lovely idea about encouraging children to plant sunflower seeds by having a bit of a friendly competition about how high theirs would grow to, and also, to encourage them to connect with and enjoy nature, for all its beauty. Yours have grown amazingly tall at 7 feet and 9 feet - wow! I wonder what the record for the tallest one is.

    Thanks for sharing, Dolores. Great photos! - June